#MyHeritage – Elaine Terrell

At Heritage, we are honored to serve extraordinary individuals with amazing life stories to tell! Keep reading to learn more about Elaine Terrel who lives at Rolling Fields, a Heritage community in Conneautville, PA.

The text below is Elaine’s words captured by Elaine’s family members, Diane & Dale Hill and Sean & Heather Damico.

My name is Elaine “Midge” Terrell. I was born January 22, 1924 in Franklin, PA. I went to school in Rocky Grove and lived near the hospital where I grew up on a farm. We had cows, chickens, dogs, and cats. I loved climbing trees and having gym class. I enjoyed roller skating and sewing matching skate outfits. I was a really good seamstress. I sewed everything from clothes to stuffed animals and dolls; if somebody gave me a pattern, I could make it. I baked pies that everyone just loved. Every Sunday I’d have a big dinner for everybody. My cream puffs are infamous. Growing roses has been a big passion of mine. They were A1 and the smell was just gorgeous! I had lots of other flowers in my backyard and I grew a vegetable garden up until last summer of 2021.

I was married twice and had three kids with my first husband. My second husband, Dick, was very kind and enjoyed taking the kids roller skating. I cooked every Sunday. We spent several years collecting river rocks to put around my flower beds. Dick and I would can a lot of our garden’s vegetables. Together, Dick and I had a lot of fun. Christmas is my favorite day. I would put thousands of lights on my Christmas tree every year. I really like to help people and make them smile. I love playing the Hammond organ and singing songs. I could do just about anything. I would go to Franklin a lot. My friend Dixie would do my hair. I drove my own car until I was 94 years old. My three kids gave me four grand kids and my four grandkids gave me five great grand kids, so far.

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