Connections Memory Care at Rolling Fields

Our specialized Connections Memory Care program provides for the needs of Elders with cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

We are the first home in Crawford County to become Music & Memory® Certified. This is an exciting program that brings listener-specific music via iPods and headphones to those with cognitive impairments. Care partners have witnessed the program helping Elders cope with the difficulties of dementia, rehabilitative therapy, and the overall quality of their lives. Research has shown that music is deeply tied to the emotional aspects of the mind. By implementing Music & Memory in our home, we are creating a unique opportunity to use the power of music to help Elders connect to their memories.

This secure living area has an interior walking track and a courtyard with a gazebo, gardens, and children’s play area. Here, Elders enjoy family-style dining, specially designed activities, music, and a relaxing outdoor porch.

Lean On Me

For those caregivers, family members or friends coping with the unique challenges of providing care
to an aging loved one, you deserve extra support. “Lean On Me” is a support group that is free and open
to the public. Meetings take place on the second Thursday of every month in The Den at Rolling Fields.
Refreshments are provided and RSVP’s are requested at (814) 587-2012. While “Lean On Me” is
affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association, discussion will not be limited to issues related to dementia.

“It has been wonderful to see the impact that Music & Memory can have on the Elders…you can just see it in (their) face the feeling of calmness that the music brings to them.”

– Family member of a Memory Care Elder


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