Rolling Fields Couple Enjoys Six Decades of Marriage

It’s hard to imagine many things lasting for six decades, but for Randall and Nancy Gruber, their marriage has managed to withstand the test of time. The couple, who live at Rolling Fields Eldercare Community in Conneautville, celebrated their 60th anniversary earlier this year. The tale of how the two ended up together since 1960 is a strange one.

When the Grubers first met in Atlantic, Randall was initially engaged to another girl. However, after Nancy took Randall to her high school senior prom, he decided she was “the one.” A few months after their first meeting, Randall decided to call off his wedding to his fiancée and sought to marry Nancy instead.

However, the couple then were faced with the challenge of finding a church to marry them. Randall couldn’t ask his own pastor since he had already asked him to perform his previously planned marriage. Eventually, a pastor at an Atlantic Presbyterian church agreed to marry them, and so they were wed on July 22, 1960. The two would remain active members in the congregation and later help found Atlantic Community Church after the Presbyterian church burned down.

Throughout the years, the couple have lived fulfilling lives. For a while, they would visit a hunting camp in Adamsville every weekend for four or five years, even though they never really used it for hunting. In fact, Randall has never even owned a gun, nor shown interest in fishing.