Terminology You’ll Hear at Rolling Fields

The language we use in our home reminds us that we are creating a human habitat full of living and growing things. Check out some of our unique terminology below.


We believe that relationships are the essence of a strong culture. To develop this core concept, our home consists of twelve separate families, each with Elders and care partners. Our families at Rolling Fields are Angelwings, Asters, Beech, Buttercups, Cherry Blossom, Crab Apples, Daffodils, Daisy, Edelweiss, Emerald Ivy, Forsythia, and Foxgloves.


We use the word “Elder” to describe the people living in our home. We respect and honor the Elders for their knowledge and wisdom. In traditional cultures, an Elder’s position is honored, cherished, and influential within the community.


All staff members are “care partners.” Regardless of your certification or licensure, a job may include performing any number of chores from housekeeping, to making beds, taking food orders, and assisting Elders in dining.


As Elders make Rolling Fields their home, they reside on a “street,” rather than a unit or hall.


When we discuss “neighborhoods,” it refers to the combination of two adjacent streets or four families sharing a common area.

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