Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Our commitment to culture change is reflected in the education we provide to our care partners and the community.  Rolling Fields offers a Pennsylvania state certified nursing assistant program that outshines all others.  Our in-house program provides an exceptional education that teaches culture change in long term care and readies you for the State Examination.  

Earn As You Learn

The decision to grow in the nursing profession often requires financial support.  Rolling Fields understands this and provides our students with these benefits:

  • We pay you while you are taking the class.

  • We increase your pay when you are putting class time into action with hands-on training and working as a certified care partner before your PA State Examination.

  • The State Examination is proctored by the American Red Cross and is paid for by Rolling Fields.

  • Finally, we give you an additional increase after you have passed your PA State Examination.

Guaranteed Employment

Upon graduation of the certified nursing assistant class, you are guaranteed employment at Rolling Fields as a certified care partner.  You will receive your location assignment and five days of orientation.  Your schedule will be determined at this time and may include days, evenings, twilights, weekends and holidays.

Class Details

  • The certified nursing assistant program at Rolling Fields consists of 100 hours of training, taught over 3.5 weeks. This equates to 40 clinical hours of class, 21 hours of lab and 39 clinical hours.

  • The class portion includes homework, tests and quizzes.

  • The lab portion is practicing skills on each other and a mannequin.

  • The clinical portion is hands-on experience with Elders.

  • At this point, you are qualified for hands-on training to practice as a certified care partner for a short period of time as you prepare to take your PA State Examination.

  • The entire process takes about 2.5 months to complete.