Life in Our Home

Rolling Fields is a loving home where life is meaningful , relationships are genuine and growth never ends.

As we work to build meaningful relationships and create our human habitat, we build a world for our care partners and Elders that's filled with these elements.

Culinary Services

We offer all Elders 24-hour made-to order dining.  Elders can choose to dine in our restaurant or have room service delivered anytime.  Our extensive menu features daily specials, entrees, breakfast foods, items from the grill and the deli, and lots of delectable desserts.   Elders are not assigned to seating in our restaurant, but are free to enjoy their meals with friends and family at a table of their choosing.  In the warm months, Elders may also choose to dine outdoors on our patio. 

We believe that the quality of our dining experience reflects our Elder-centered philosophy.  24-hour, made-to-order dining is one of the first of its kind implemented in a nursing facility.   By adding these options for Elders, the care partners have made many changes to their schedules and jobs as we have transformed life in our home forever. 

Elders enjoy the choice to eat, sleep and live their lives on their preferred schedules.  Care partners no longer work three set shifts, but are flexible and schedule themselves around the needs of the Elders.  Our culinary team no longer sends trays to the Elders at the same time for everyone every day.  Elders sleep in or get up of their own accord.  When ready, they order room service or dine in the restaurant from a menu filled with choices and all their favorites.  This serves true for all meals. 

Family members and friends who wish to dine with Elders may do so by purchasing a gift card in our main office orwith Culinary Services.

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We respect and celebrate the powerful bond between Elders and their personal pets.  We have recognized that there are people in the community who need nursing care, but  will refuse on account of having to give up their beloved animal.   To help people and pets get the care they need, we welcome companion pets with Elders.

There are requirements the companion pets must meet; they must be friendly to all Elders, guests and current pets living here and they must pass a veterinary examination. These requirements ensure the safety and happiness of every living being in our home.

We also welcome visiting pets into our home. We do ask that all visiting pets have current vaccinations and health checks. Pet owners keep in mind that we do have a variety of pets in our home including cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits.


Religious Services

Religious services are provided by our community volunteers and clergy. We welcome Elders from any denomination. Services are held in our conference center/chapel regularly. Dates for services are included in our activity calendar. Our volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that the Elders have many choices for religious services and activities. Weekly hymn sings, gospel music, bible study, Catholic and Protestant communion, Rosary, and devotions are just some of the activities the Elders regularly have to choose from. Special services are also offered for religious holidays and observances such as Christmas and Easter.

Rolling Fields Gardens


With the addition of living things, comes life itself. "There is no better place to live, but in a garden." Elders have opportunities to share their knowledge, participate in the entire process, and share the rewards. As a result there are many opportunities for family members to volunteer their time in our gardens while they visit with Elders. We encourage everyone to participate.

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Lean On Me


For those caregivers, family members or friends coping with the unique challenges of providing care to an aging loved one, you deserve extra support.  Lean On Me is a support group that is free and open to the public.  Meetings take place on the second Thursday of every month in the Den at Rolling Fields.  Refreshments are provided and RSVP's are requested (814) 587-2012.  While Lean On Me is affiliated with the Alzheimer's Association, discussion will not be limited to issues related to Dementia.  

Life Enriching Activities

In addition to all the spontaneous activity that happens in our home, we offer a wide variety of planned activities. Our dedicated activity care partner team customizes activities for each street in our home. This team of enthusiastic individuals are dedicated to "making it happen" for everyone living in our home. There is always something for everyone in the plan!

Elders enjoy games, crafts, musical entertainment, parties, cooking & baking, gardening, singing, fun with kids, exercise, wii bowling, manicures, social hour, fishing in our lake and much more.

The activity care partners and volunteers also accompany Elders on outings to special events such as county fairs, picnics, parades, shopping, festivals, concerts, restaurants, and sight-seeing rides through the countryside.

There are educational opportunities in our home for everyone.  Rolling Fields care partners and guest speakers share their knowledge with the Elders, care partners and community members.  

Many Elders like to participate in volunteer opportunities all over the home.  Opportunities include reading to the children in the Young At Heart onsite daycare, distributing the mail,  welcoming new Elders to our home.  These simple pleasures build relationships while eliminating loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

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We have an on-site children's daycare center. Open to the public, five days each week, children from the Young At Heart daycare center spend much of their time in the neighborhoods visiting and interacting with the Elders.   Many Elders like to visit the daycare to read at story time, play anytime, and to help feed the babies.  An extra pair of "grandma's hands" are always needed and appreciated.

These children are afforded each day at "grandma's house" filled with unconditional love, as they build relationships with Elders. Together they take field trips to local points of interest each year; Stone Memorial Library,  strawberry picking and Canal Park are among their favorite spots to visit.

Massage Therapy


Our licensed massage therapist, Jennifer Johns LMT, specializes in relaxation massage and aromatherapy for Elders. Elders can relax and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of massage in our wellness room or in the privacy of their room. 

"I believe that everyone deserves and needs a massage. Throughout my fifteen years experience I have studied many different massage modalities so that I can tailor each massage to the individual's needs.  I am on a journey of constant learning to make sure that everyone's massage experience is a pleasant one, because everyone needs something different."  -Jennifer Johns

Gift certificates are available in our business office for these services.

For those who would like to schedule an off site appointment, Jennifer has a location  at 8912-C Perry Highway, Meadville, PA  16335.  (724) 815-3705. Rolling Fields employee care partners will receive $10.00 off any service provided! 

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Beauty / Barber Shop


The Rolling Fields beauty/barber shop is open five days each week.  Elders receive routine hair care free of charge. Our beautician also makes herself available for special occasions and after hours if needed. Elders may also make arrangements for coloring and permanents for a small additional charge. All beauty/barber shop appointments are to be scheduled through the beautician.

Gift certificates are available in the business office for these services.