Our Gardens


With the addition of living things, comes life itself. "There is no better place to live, but in a garden." Elders have opportunities to share their knowledge, participate in the entire process, and share the rewards. As a result there are many opportunities for family members to volunteer their time in our gardens while they visit with Elders.


Tranquility Garden

The Tranquility garden was built with relaxation and reflection in mind. This garden highlights the celebration of life with a memorial stone walkway.  Owner, Kim Moody, leads this garden committee with a special purpose in mind.  The celebration of life walkway reads the pages of our home's history with memories and milestones.  Each Brick is personalized with a very special message.

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Elders visit in this garden for it's  relaxing hues of greens and white that are accented with fragrant wind-carried scents of magnolia, gardenia, and herbs.   A covered patio trellis is home to an inviting bench situated out of the bright sunlight.  A copper fountain whispers the gentle sounds of sparkling water to those that take in this beautiful place for reflection and thought.

Vegetable Garden

The vegetable gardens are always a work in progress. Each spring, we begin the season indoors with opportunities for Elders to start seedlings in their rooms. Elders are encouraged to utilize our indoor gardening station that remains fully stocked year-round. By the time these seedlings are ready to plant outdoors, Elders and volunteers have the soil in our raised-bed gardens ready and waiting.

Many Elders visit the garden each day to pull weeds and collect it's harvest. Each year, our Elders harvest, preserve and feast on fresh produce from our gardens. We've tested some wonderful tried and true recipes for cabbage rolls and zucchini bread, enjoyed the juicy melons and shared the harvest of this seasons garden with everyone in our home!

Cut-Flower Garden

The cut-flower garden hosts a variety of flowers planted just for the purpose of cutting and bringing beauty indoors. Varieties of daisies, lavender, and mums set the scene with vibrant blooms.

A  hand-made copper trellis centerpiece plays field for clematis vines throughout the summer months. The bright red walkway and patio is a wonderful backdrop for the vivid colors that bring joy to those that visit and take a part of this garden inside with them.  Everyone is encouraged to walk through the garden and pick the flowers!

Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted garden is filled with whimsical garden fun. Bright beds filled with blooms, fountains, secret spots, and bright artwork fill every nook and cranny of its winding paved pathway.

Owner, Cindy Godfrey, and her committee are working to create an Enchanted space for Elders and their families. This garden space is the largest of all our gardens at 15,000 square feet. Guests to the garden enjoy bright blooms, fragrant herbs, flowing fountains, and a surprise in every corner. This gardening team showed their true creative side throughout the entire process of planning and building this fun-filled space for everyone to enjoy. With the help from our Elders, this garden is a true labor of love.

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