Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I leave the home to visit or stay with relatives & friends?

A: We encourage you to take therapeutic leaves of absence. A responsible person or yourself must sign you out of the facility. With your best interest in mind, the registered care partner reserves the right to refuse a leave. Kindly provide 24 hour notice prior to therapeutic leaves to give us the opportunity to prepare medications and special requests.

Q: How will I do my banking?

A: A personal bank account is established upon admission. Deposits and with draws can be made in the business office during regular business hours and a cash box is available for evenings and weekends.

Q: When will I see my doctor & what if I become ill?

A: Our Medical Director, Dr. Craig Godfrey, visits our home twice each week. You will be encouraged to choose an attending physician that will agree to visit you every 30-60 days and be available on call for you 24-hours a day. Charges by your attending physician are not the responsibility of Rolling Fields and must be paid by you or your insurance.

Q: How will I get to other needed doctor appointments?

A: We work closely with Crawford Area Transportation Authority (CATA) and will help schedule and take you to routine appointments.  Meadville Area Ambulance service provides emergency and special needs transportation for you when needed.

Q:  Where & how will I get my prescriptions?

A: Rolling Fields has a contract arrangement with Northwest Pharmacy Solutions, LLC to provide pharmaceutical services to you. Northwest Pharmacy meets the rigid standards required by our Licensing Agencies & provides quality services. All medications must be ordered by the attending physician. No medications are to be given by family members. Medications purchased from another pharmacy prior to admission cannot be used. Our Director Of Nursing, is available to discuss any medication changes or recommendations. Arrangements for alternative pharmaceutical vendors can be made, however, these vendors must also adhere to our strict standards.

Q: Can I get the local newspaper?

A: We carry subscriptions to the Community News, the Erie Times News, and the Meadville Tribune. These are available to share in the activity center, the family room and the lobby. If you wish to have private delivery, please contact that newspaper's circulation department to make arrangements.

Q:  When are visiting hours and who can visit me?

A: We encourage friends and families to visit often. There are many areas comfortable for children and families such as the Activity Center and the Family Room. Guests may visit during meal time and can purchase gift cards for meals at the front desk during regular business hours or the culinary department after hours.

Q:  What should I bring with me when I come to live at Rolling Fields?

A: We encourage you to bring comfort items such as quilts, family photos, a radio, a clock, a comfortable chair or other items that will personalize your room. Your room will be furnished with a bed and linens, wall lamps, a dresser and a night stand. A checklist for suggested clothing items is on the final page of your admission packet. All items brought in will need to be inventoried and labeled. You are advised not to keep large sums of money, check books, credit cards, valuable jewelry or expensive items in your room. Rolling Fields can not be held responsible for lost or stolen items. (All clothing and personal property must be inventoried and labeled with your name.) We will provide and apply iron-on labels to your clothing upon admission. For the safety of all, furniture not supplied by Rolling Fields, (i.e. recliners, tables, chairs, stands), must meet health and safety requirements. Our maintenance team is required to approve all items before they are placed in your room. We reserve the right to refuse or dispose of unsuitable furnishings.

Q:  Do I need to bring personal hygiene items?

A: Personal hygiene items such as: facial tissues, lotion, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, denture supplies, soap, etc. are supplied to you. If you wish, you may bring other items at your discretion. However, prescriptions and over-the counter medications must be ordered by your physician.

Q:  What do I do when I'm ready to return home?

A: Your social worker typically needs notified 7 business days prior to discharge to arrange complete community supportive services as necessary.

Q:  If I smoke, where can I go to smoke?

A: If you wish to smoke you can do so only in the designated smoking area as our home is a smoke-free environment. The designated smoking area is located off Birch Street in an enclosed building.   Matches, lighters, and cigarettes may not be left with Elders without the knowledge of the licensed care partner on the street. We ask that visitors retire outdoors away from our home to smoke.

Q:  Can I have a phone?

A: Yes.  There is a $25 installation, then a $20/month fee for an in-room phone.  Long distance service is an additional charge.

Q:  Can I have a TV?

A: Your room is complete with a television set and cable service. Televisions are individually controlled.