Extended Care


Extended Care in our home is offered for Elders that choose to make Rolling Fields their home permanently, or for extended periods of time.  Our care partners are dedicated to creating the right home environment for each Elder.  Care Plans and schedules are set with each Elders' preferences in mind, giving Elders the freedom of choice and a life full of variety, spontaneity and opportunities to both give and receive care.

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A Note From Bonnie:

"My Mother has been an Elder at Rolling Fields a short time.  Yesterday, Veteran's Day, we drove up to see the USO Show at your home.  What a great day!  We couldn't believe how much effort went into the day by the staff!  It was wonderful to see my Mom signing, "Daisy, Daisy" with her Physical Therapy Assistant, Dani Schmidt.  
After Mom's second hip surgery, when the family knew she couldn't live with my sister any longer, the decision to put Mom in a home was hard.  We didn't want her ignored, afraid or feeling alone.  Also, my memories of nursing homes were moaning Elders and awful smells.  When we made our first visit, I was very anxious.  How good to walk inside and see Mom dressed, no bad odors in rooms or hallways, and best of all, a caring staff.  Everyone has been so good with her and I'd like to thank everyone involved in Mom's care.  I am happy she's up and dressed, and busy, rather than staying in bed watching tv.  
Thank you for the kindness shown to my Mom--your staff is wonderful!"
Bonnie M.