" Let Him Sleep 'Til It's Time..........."

Elders filled the Café for tonight's presentation of " Let Him Sleep 'Til It's Time For His Funeral". This comedy revolves around John (Geneva) having a hard time accepting he is turning 50 years old and his wife, Marianne's ( Dawn,) wacky but good intentioned idea of throwing him a surprise birthday party masked as a funeral - to be sure everyone who loves and cares for him shows up. Of Course there are plenty of hilarious mix ups that go on when, Elizabeth ( Kristin), their 15 year old daughter, overhears conversations and Jackie ( Sara) and Russ ( Chelsea), their dear friends, get caught up in the chaos. All this while Mr. Jansen ( Ashley) gets thrown in the mix unknowingly just from knocking on their door. Elders not only got entertainment but also a sweet treat to take with them.