Care Partner Spotlight

It’s time for us to recognize a very special group of people here at Rolling Fields who change the lives of our Elders every day and who have become integrated in the loving and caring culture that we all believe in.  Meet the Therapists-Pictured L-R: Melissa, Erin, Kate, Chris, Mark, Regina, Sue, Jessica, Wes, and Tim.  Not pictured: Amanda M., Pam, Jay, Cindy, Jessie, Becky and Amanda E.

The Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists are ALWAYS helpful when asked!  Recently, a few of them helped with in-service education as they were actors when we staged scenarios that may be found by Care Partners which would require incident reports to be completed.  They have helped with set up for the Fig Street Harvest Pot Luck Picnic.

The therapy care partners voluntarily participate in activities and events with Elders.  They are genuinely caring and friendly.  You will see them stop and chat with the Elders and Care Partners throughout the home. They really help the Elders with staying active.   Their diverse collection of experience, education and backgrounds make a great recipe for a winning team!

These folks go on trips, they attend their family reunions, street meetings and they are creative with their therapies.  This allows the Elders to enjoy the things happening around them instead of having to miss out on the fun.  The Elders seem happier and so do the Therapy Care Partners.

The Therapy Care Partners have been more than happy to work with the Activities Care Partners too. They are flexible and work around the Elders’ individual schedules and often times will join in on activities to complete an Elders therapy. This year, they even got involved with the garden, planting, harvesting and pulling weeds all summer long.  You may have also seen some of them at the pond fishing with the Elders from time to time. It seems that they take pride in being part of our culture here at Rolling Fields. Many of them have gotten involved with their Street Families, helping with special events and lending a helping hand with whatever is needed.  It doesn’t matter what time of day you go down to the Therapy Gym, it is always a friendly environment with lots of laughter. Because of this, many Elders really look forward to their time spent in therapy.  They have genuine relationships with the Elders, with the Care Partners and all of the staff here at Rolling Fields.  

~Written by:  Bonnie Eccles, CCP, GPA, Culture Leader