Happy Valentines Day!

Emma Stevenson and Caitlyn Wensel, members of the Conneaut Area Middle School Student Council, presented Valentines to the Elders yesterday. They came with a box full of home made valentines and shared them with many of the Elders.  They visited Elders who are grandparents of fellow students and made sure the Elder knew they had a grandchild thinking of them this Valentine Season.

Today, Dogwood families are hosting our annual Sweetheart Dance in the restaurant at 2:30. The 2016 Rolling Fields King and Queen will be crowned during the dance. A male and female Elder from each street has been nominated by Care Partners to represent the street for the titles.  We have husband and wife couples anxious to hear the results of the voting.  Family members are welcomed to join the party. Wear your best red or pink (warm) clothing for the party!