Gabby Says "Hello" from her new home!



I just wanted to let all my friends at Rolling Fields know I made it safely to Arizona.  It took a little adjustment; I didn't understand why I was shoved into this little cage and stuffed into a car.  But after a while, I got accustomed to traveling inside the car.  I was covered up, so I could only look at Diane.  She kept me entertained by petting me through the cage for nearly the whole trip.  Sometimes when I screeched, she would cover me up completely.  I didn't like seeing the big trucks roll by or the bumpy roads-they scared me.  I did get to add several states to my "life list".  I traveled from Pennsylvania through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico and finally to my new home in Arizona.


At first, I was scared of my new house.  I screeched like a banshee.  So Diane kept me covered up all day until my cage was re-assembled.  However, I liked my little cage so much; I didn't want to leave it.  Diane just put my little cage inside my big cage and covered me up for the night.  After about an hour, I came out of my travel cage and up onto my favorite perch.


The next morning, I awakened in my new home.  Diane was there to greet me along with her husband "Robert".  I let him pet me, but I wasn't as comfortable around him.  I talked a lot that first morning, they know I am really good at saying "Hello Gabby".  They opened the cage door, but I didn't want to come out.  However, after a little while, I decided to come out and see Diane.  I posed for Robert to take pictures while standing on the door.  Then they encouraged me to go back inside and they went out to lunch.


When they returned I decided to check out Diane's arm and shoulder.  Robert took more pictures.  Then I decided I'd take an exploratory flight around their living room.  I couldn't figure out where to land, so I circled around and skidded to a halt on their tile floor.  I was so disoriented; I climbed up on Robert's arm so he could put me back in the cage. My unexpected flight, really surprised Diane and Robert.  I think it surprised me too, because once I got back in my cage I was really quiet for the next two hours.


Later that afternoon, I once again climbed onto Diane's shoulder and she took me around to look at the house.  We explored all the rooms.  When we were leaving her bedroom, I decided I needed another look around.  So I took off for a second flight from the bedroom into her bathroom.  After that I decided, I'd had enough flying for one day.


Diane asked me to Thank Everyone for helping her get me ready for the move.  She really appreciated it-especially the help from Kim, Meg, Adam, Ronnie, Jen, and Chelsea.


Say Hello to all my friends back at Rolling Fields - I miss you all!