Farewell Gabby

Gabby has been a part of the Rolling Fields family for many years. She has entertained Elders and guests for hours. However; we have noticed that Gabby doesn't seem happy and her behavior has become agitated and her vocals have become loud....very loud.

We have been working on a care plan for Gabby for months. We rotated her visits among Elder rooms, brought her new toys and still, she doesn't seem happy. We researched birds like Gabby and found they are easily bored and require much attention. Unfortunately more attention than any Elder or Care Partner can give her.  With heavy heart, we have decided Gabby needs to find a place where she will be happy too.

The good news is we have found a loving home for Gabby. The person adopting Gabby is very knowledgeable and we feel Gabby will be going to the best place possible.

Gabby is departing Rolling Fields tomorrow (11/25/15) in the a.m. Please keep Gabby and her new companion in your prayers for a long and loving relationship.